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- Installation of the vertical plate of the cold storage: select the angle first according to the site conditions and locate it (i.e. lock the vertical plate and the floor) to extend to both sides at this angle. Only lock the vertical plate and the vertical plate, and locate it when it meets the vertical angle. Put the beautiful plate in a conspicuous place. When installing it on the side of the evaporator, make the drainage pipe in advance, and make U-bend and silica gel outside the storage.Quick freezing storehouse is widely used. There are many kinds of temperature in quick freezing storehouse, and multi temperature or double temperature can be realized to meet the needs of different customers. Fault phenomena: unit current is large and voltage is too low; Loose wiring; The unit pressure exceeds the rated pressure; The oil separation core is blocked; Device failure; Host failure; Main motor fault; Fault phenomenon: the unit cannot be started and the fuse is broken; The temperature switch is broken; Loose wiring; Thermal relay of main motor acts; The thermal relay of cold storage fan motor acts; The transformer is broken; No power input (unit); Failure not eliminated (unit); The actuator is faulty.Chatham Kent,The wholesale evaporator of the fresh-keeping storehouse is used as a cold absorber for the wholesale of the fresh-keeping storehouse. The wholesale evaporator of the fresh-keeping storehouse is installed in the room of the cold-keeping storehouse, connected to the low-pressure end of the compressor, and has been installed for all kinds of cold-keeping storehouses with high prices nationwide for a long time. The cold-keeping storehouse is installed, constructed, fruit fresh-keeping cold-keeping cold-keeping cold-keeping, medical cold-keeping cold-keeping cold-keeping, The refrigerant dissipated by the compressor is used for evaporation and gasification, and instantly becomes low temperature and low pressure through the throttling device, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. - floor installation of cold storage: first level the floor, then install the floor, select a beautiful floor and put it in a conspicuous place, and do a good job in the floor and evaporator drainage system.Tingo Maria,Polyurethane refrigeration board uses light polyurethane as the internal material of refrigeration board. The advantage of polyurethane is very good heat insulation. The exterior of the cold storage is composed of SII PVC color steel plate and stainless steel plate. The advantage of this is that it can prevent refrigeration, because the temperature difference inside and outside the board is large, and the temperature will disperse, which makes refrigeration more energy-saving and improves the working efficiency of refrigeration.With the rapid development of modern commerce, the original cold storage for the purpose of product storage can no longer meet the rapid, accurate and small batch circulation needs of modern commodities. Therefore the logistics center cold storage cold chain for the purpose of product distribution came into being and developed rapidly, playing a more and more important role in the commodity circulation chain. What are the characteristics of the rapid development of cold storage construction?Technical assurance measures for the installation of cold storage: during production in the production workshop, the production shall be carried out in strict accordance with the operation rules specified in ISO quality operation, and unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory.

Chatham KentWannian cold storage installationIndustry market depth research and development prospect investment feasibility

Drainage measures shall be provided for the villa room and overhead layer of the road surface of the cold storage engineering building.The ventilation device is adopted, which also produces heat exchange with the outside air, resulting in & amp; quot; Heat leakage & amp; quot;, Energy is wasted, so an air scrubber is required. Washing, amino, activated carbon, sieve, etc.The exhaust temperature of the compressor equipment is often. When the season changes and the temperature difference changes greatly, pay attention to it. If the machine is abnormal, it needs to be checked in time.Quality management,The spacing of pull rivets at inner and outer corners is mm and mm respectively; After the polystyrene library is installed, the wall panel joints shall be evenly sealed and decorated with silicone sealant.The combined cold storage door starts frequently or does not start for a long time, or does not stop for a long time, or stops before the storage temperature reaches.Disadvantages of multi-layer cold storage: the vertical transportation volume of the warehouse is large, and the goods in and out and operation management are not as convenient as single-layer cold storage; With the development of the floor load capacity, the floor area ratio of each cold room is low; When the multi-storey cold storage is built on the foundation with poor ground resistance, the foundation construction is complex. High cost; When prefabricated components are used, large construction equipment is required and the construction period is long.

Chatham KentWannian cold storage installationIndustry market depth research and development prospect investment feasibility

Cold storage design step: the selection of cold storage refrigeration system the selection of cold storage refrigeration system is mainly the use of cold storage refrigeration compressor and air conditioning evaporator. Generally,Chatham KentInstallation of cold storage and quick freezing storage, small and medium-sized refrigerators are dominated by fully enclosed refrigeration compressors. Due to the small output power of the fully enclosed refrigeration compressor, the price is relatively cost-effective; Small and medium-sized refrigerators are generally dominated by semi closed refrigeration compressors; Semi closed refrigeration compressor is adopted for large and medium-sized refrigerated warehouses. When adopting, ammonia refrigeration unit can also be considered. Because the output power of ammonia refrigeration unit is large and can be used for machine use, but the installation and management of refrigerated warehouses are cumbersome. When using the air-conditioning evaporator, but it is easy to lead to the water consumption of the cold collection; Medium and ultra-low temperature refrigerators are dominated by seamless evaporation pipe slots which is characterized by very good temperature control effect and moderate cold storage.Packaging strategy,Install the library body. Generally, the warehouse body can be divided into small warehouse body and large warehouse body. The small warehouse body is basically a combined cold storage assembled with warehouse plate. The large warehouse body is mostly a civil cold storage. The assembled or constructed warehouse body is generally required to be flat compact and solid, without hollow feeling, load-bearing, antifreeze, moisture-proof,Chatham KentDesign of small cold storage, etc.Mark the name on each filter.We should implement regular maintenance and daily maintenance, professional cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, medical cold storage, large quantity, excellent quality and low price, strong and durable, safe and reliable, and maintain the operation rate of the compressor.Chatham Kent,According to the size and nature of the cold storage area and in combination with local regulations, whether it is a single-layer or double-layer warehouse, and the structure is the selection of steel structure or reinforcement solidification. Cold storage capacity,Chatham KentDesign and installation of Anhui cold storage, production process, refrigeration, product stacking, temperature, etc. are used to determine the size and location of the cold storage room, so that it can become a whole.Cold storage is mainly used for frozen processing and storage of foodInitial stage of cold storage equipment

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