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Before and after sampling, clean the periphery of the sampling port with clean or hairless linen.Power transformers are used in all walks of lifePatara,Transformer manufacturers said that at this stage China's energy-saving distribution transformer market is relatively scattered, uneven companies, lack of evaluation and specifications, and inadequate technical innovation, resulting in slow marketing of energy-saving transformers.Oil leakage of bolt or pipe external threadChia,kV and above & plusmn; No load of rated voltage; Part of the circuit breaker of the tap power switch is installed in the phenolic resin insulating paper cylinder, and the insulating paper cylinder is installed on the wooden frame. The actual operation rocker is connected with the dynamic circuit breaker of the tap power switch according to the wooden insulating rod. The on load tap off power switch is insulated from the ground by the insulating paper cylinder of the power switch itself and the insulating limit.Caused by sand holes and cracks. For crack leakage, drilling stop hole is a good way to remove in-situ stress and prevent widening.Avoid the load operation of power transformer: if the load operation is long-term, it will lead to the scalding of solenoid coil, slow aging of insulation,PataraOil type transformer structure,PataraMaintenance items of oil immersed transformer, short circuit fault between boxes, two-color short circuit fault or short circuit to ground fault and dissolution of oil.

PataraTransformer variable frequency power supplyIntroduction of common structural design

For the leakage that has already occurred, find the leakage point first, which can not be ignored. For the position with serious leakage, shovel or sharp punch can be selected. The leakage point can be riveted with special tools for metal materials. After manipulating the leakage, the treatment surface shall be cleaned and tidy. Polymer composite materials are mostly selected for dry consolidation. After dry consolidation, the goal of long-term treatment of leakage can be achieved.Automatic system of centrifugal fan: measure the temperature data signal according to the PT thermistor temperature measuring resistor of the embedded parts at the hot part of the bottom pressure winding. The transformer load expands and the operating temperature increases. When the winding temperature reaches ℃, the system software automatically starts the centrifugal fan for refrigeration; When the winding temperature is as low as ℃, the system software will automatically terminate the centrifugal fan.In terms of the place of use, dry-type transformers are mostly used in & ldquo; Fireproof and explosion-proof type & rdquo; It is easy to use in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings; The oil immersed transformer because of & ldquo; Accident & rdquo; There is likely to be oil or leakage after fire, and most application places leading to fire accidents are easy to choose in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings;Welcome calls ,The heat discharge pipe of heat pipe radiator is generally made of slotted seamless steel pipe after flattening by stamping die. When the heat discharge pipe is bent and welded by electric welding, oil leakage is often caused. This is due to the supporting force on the surface of the pipe and the working pressure on the inner cavity when stamping the heat discharge pipe.Then clamp the branch pipe with your thumb, clearly put forward the glass test tube, rotate and release the oil in the tube to clean the sampling tube, carry out it twice, and then draw the oil sample.(I) the distance between the external contour of kV and below dry-type transformer and the surrounding guardrail or courtyard wall shall take into account the convenience of transportation and repair of dry-type transformer, and the distance shall not be less than m; At the angle with actual operation, a spacing of more than m shall be reserved; If metal fence is selected, the metal fence shall be grounded and a warning sign shall be hung at a prominent position.

PataraTransformer variable frequency power supplyIntroduction of common structural design

How to reduce the failure of dry-type transformer?Honest service,The power transformer is designed according to the temperature protection scheme. The embedded parts in the material layer of high (low) pressure electromagnetic coil poured with integral concrete are provided with longitudinal ventilation duct which can be equipped with air-cooled machinery and equipment (cooling centrifugal fan). After selecting air-cooled machinery and equipment, the output capacity can be increased by %.The selection shall be carried out according to the load characteristics of power. There are many types of power loads. Different dry-type transformers shall be used for different power loads. If the standard impulse level of power load is less than kV, class H dry-type transformers shall be used. If the standard impulse level of power load exceeds kV, between the electromagnetic coil and the group outlet pipe, and between the electromagnetic coil and the tap changer.Patara,Therefore, in the operation prevention and regulation of relay protection dry-type transformer, it is necessary to find the short-circuit fault point according to the fault situation,PataraModel of dry-type power transformer, lock the fault point, and analyze the short-circuit fault types of relay protection dry-type transformer. At the same time, disconnect the switching power supply at the fault point, the maintenance work of employees will be carried out smoothly and the harm will not expand to a greater extent.The zero line is mainly used in the working circuit. The voltage caused by the zero line is equivalent to the line resistance multiplied by the current of the working circuit. Because of the distance, the voltage caused by the zero line can not be ignored. As a countermeasure to maintain life safety, it is more and more unreliable. Ground wire (PE): it is not used as a working circuit, but only as a maintenance line. Use the affirmation of the earth & ldquo; ” Voltage. When the machine and equipment casing is electrified, the current will be quickly grounded. Even if there is a lead for the PE line, it will be grounded from the surrounding grounding body.When oil samples are used, the safety and fire safety technical specifications on the spot shall be strictly implemented.

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